RATO Ranked into “Chongqing’s Top 100 Enterprises in 2016”

On October 20, Chongqing Enterprise Confederation, Chongqing Enterprise Directors Association and Chongqing Federation of Industrial Economics issued the list of Chongqing’s Top 100 Enterprises in 2016. Chongqing RATO Group Holding Co., Ltd. was ranked into “Chongqing’s Top 100 Enterprises”, “Chongqing’s Top 100 Manufacturing Enterprises”, “Chongqing’s Top 50 Enterprises about Benefit” and “Chongqing’s Famous Brand Enterprises” again. RATO Group has consecutively won the series honors for 5 years.

Total operating income of Chongqing’s Top 100 Enterprises in 2015 reached RMB 1.47 trillion. Total assets of Top 100 enterprises broke through RMB 2 trillion in the year before last, and rose to RMB 2.85 trillion last year, increasing by 11.8% over the year before last, which indicated huge economic development potential of Chongqing.