Focusing on Innovation! RATO “Spirit of Craftsman” Appearing CCTV News

In the first quarter this year, under the background of continued depression of global trade, a large batch of Chinese enterprises continued innovation in technology, mode and management, added value of product and premium ability increased obviously, and international competitiveness enhanced to provide new power for Chinese economy during transformation. In face of the pressure of foreign trade continuing downward, technical innovation was becoming the core power of enterprise breaking through predicament. As the excellent foreign trade export enterprise of Chongqing, the achievements of Chongqing RATO in the first quarter amazed the whole China, and attracted continuous attention of the country and several media. On May 4, RATO appeared on CCTV News to show its achievements focusing on innovation to the whole China.

Focusing on innovation and keeping improving. Due to such “Spirit of Craftsman”, the enterprise can manufacture first-class products to have long vitality. RATO took “Innovation · Concentration · Undertaking · Sharing” as the enterprise’s core values to create its core competitiveness. Under the transformation and upgrading trend of traditional manufacturing industry, RATO will keep continued efforts, and rise abruptly based on its accumulated strength to stand out in a new competition so as to achieve a century-old business.